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Revolutionizing the workflow and safety of homes, farms, and worksites worldwide for over 20 years, the Lee Unlimited Power Bench® and its various accessories have provided needed relief and convenience to our customers for decades. From receiving accolades from esteemed trade publications to the abounding list of positive customer testimonials we have collected over the years, we’re extremely proud of the products and customer service we provide our customers with.

Lee Unlimited isn’t just another mass manufacturer of workbenches – we’re the best manufacturer of total work systems in the world. Grown from our small hometown in Northwestern South Dakota, we’re outpacing our competitors and for good reason.

Here are some of our favorite accolades and testimonials we’ve collected over time:


“We use it for lots of cooking, wood working plus so much more. So portable ND handy to setup.” - John W., North Dakota

“Hi Clint, I just can’t help but take a minute and let you know how very much we have used and appreciated the work bench. My husband used it to finish a deck with railings. I have used it on odd projects and many hours of enjoyment in the shop. I’ve even found myself irritated that he left his “stuff” on it when I got there. Funny thing is, it is his! Thank you again for all the great service as well as a superb product! Stay well and stay warm.” - Darci W., Montana

“A million and one uses for the beat saw stand/bench ever fabricated.” - John W. South Dakota

“Best stand I ever had! And built to last my kids lifetime.” -  John W., South Dakota

"One interesting design feature that brought a smile to my face was the bit of Yankee ingenuity in using bent spikes as their spring loaded locking pins, they really add personal, home grown feel to the bench … Overall I would say that the Power Bench® is a winner, versatile, durable, well-constructed and easy to use and best of all, assembled right here in the good old U.S.A. {with global materials}."

"And then there's the Lee Unlimited Power Bench®. I'd put this on a framing site as a set table. It's indestructible."

"The ultimate work horse is the Lee Unlimited Power Bench®. We were blown away by its strength, versatility, and ergonomics."

"The Power Bench® is a heavy-duty portable workbench that stores in the size of a stepladder and rolls on 2 wheels. In less than 1 minute you can set it up, far faster than you can clean off your old workbench. Plus it goes where you want it…" – Farm Show Magazine 2012 (link to Farm Show Magazine PDF)

"I've used the Lee Unlimited Power Bench® for 2 years. I have found it to be amazingly sturdy. Also, I value the portability and all-purpose design." – H.L. Moody from Oklahoma

"This is by far the best table for miter saws that I have ever used, and I have went through plenty of other brand tables. I am looking forward to receiving my second Power Bench®  for my other miter saw so me or my helper are not standing around waiting for the other one to finish cutting on my current Power Bench®  because we will not set up my traditional 'home improvement store' table after owning a Power Bench® ! It is the best out there and anyone willing to try the Power Bench® will agree after just the first day!!" – Brian from North Carolina

"I love my Power Bench®. I use it every day. It's easy to move and set up. It is very rugged. I recommend it to everybody." – Very Satisfied, Larry from Missouri

Now that you’ve seen what others have to say about our fantastic products, it’s time to see the magic of the Power Bench® for yourself.

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