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Lee Unlimited has revolutionized the way laborers safely get the job done by providing a long-overdue vessel to satisfy the needs of professionals. Built for professionals by professionals.

Versatility at its best, the Power Bench® adapts to any working condition. Whether you’re utilizing it as a miter saw stand or as a metal chop saw stand, the Power Bench® is engineered to make your life easier. Save the backache and headache for another day – the Power Bench® is the relief you’ve long been searching for.

“One of the hardest things on a knee is the fact that the circulation is cut-off to your knee while you’re trying to work on your knees. For the cost of a knee replacement, you could buy a truck load of Power Benches®.” – Clint Birkeland, creator of the Power Bench®

Because of its flexibility, the Power Bench® is a total work system trusted by

  • Contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Farmers
  • Welders
  • Woodworkers
  • Mechanics
  • Steel Stud Workers
  • Aluminum and Specialty Door Installers
  • Homeowners
  • Hobbyists

No matter your occupation, the Power Bench® is the end all, be all solution to decades of inconvenience posed by traditional workbenches of the past.

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Envision a total folding workbench solution that can serve as a:

Miter Saw Stand & Metal Chop Stand  Welding Table  Woodworking Bench

The Power of the Power Bench®

The Best Portable Workbench on the Market

The portability of the Lee Unlimited Power Bench® alone is worth the investment. Easily foldable, the Power Bench® can be set up in under a minute and stowed away in the blink of an eye. Rolling on 8” steel-bearing wheels with a rubber coating that won’t go flat, the Power Bench® is easy to move around the jobsite and folds up to the size of a step ladder once the job is complete. You won’t find another folding workbench as convenient as the Power Bench®. Stow your Power Bench® in your truck or trailer easily and forgo the pain of lifting heavy, unsatisfactory workbenches.

Power Bench as a Dolly

“If you save 5-minutes 50 times that’s a half a day’s work. The Bench will pay for itself in the time you save.” – Clint Birkeland, inventor of the Power Bench®

There is something to be said about the convenience of the Power Bench® and its trusted durability and practicality. It’s no wonder the Power Bench® won the Editors' Choice Award from Tools of the Trade magazine in 2002 "because it unfolded in a minute to become a long and sturdy 18-inch-wide stand." – JLC, Dec. 2013

"The stand folds to about the thickness of a stepladder and tilts up for compact storage and transport." – JLC, Dec. 2013

But why does the portability of the Power Bench® matter so much?  Power Bench® creator Clint Birkeland said it best:

"A lot of equipment is too large to get into your shop, but you can take the Power Bench® to the equipment you are working on." – Inventor, Clint Birkeland  

Strong Enough to Handle your Roughest Tasks

There’s a reason the word ‘Power’ is included in the Power Bench’s name. With decades of experience in various hard labor capacities, we personally understand that there’s no worse feeling than investing a fortune in products that cannot withstand the conditions of your various jobs. Not just another ordinary portable workbench, the Lee Unlimited Power Bench® is built to withstand the test of time with its supreme make.

"We all have tools we have spent more for than the cost of a Power Bench®. Many of those tools are used less than an hour per year. A Power Bench® will become your most used tool that also works with all your other tools."

Inventor, Clint Birkeland  

Utilizing industrial strength materials, you can count on the Power Bench® to withstand the fruits of your labor. In fact, the Power Bench® is the only folding workbench durable enough to handle 2 7/8’ oil field pipes. No matter the make, model, or type of saw you’re using, the Power Bench® has been crafted to adapt to your saw equipment for easy use.

According to Zach Fluto, co-owner Premium Decks in Fargo, ND, "the Power Bench® is exceptionally stable and can easily support wet treated lumber and the heaviest composite decking. “We use them every day, never a problem, and I don't foresee one,”Fluto says. The large table also allows carpenters to stack cut lumber on it as they work." – JLC, Dec. 2013

Engineered to Keep You Safe

Pairing its portability with its durable make, the Power Bench® provides the safest workbench solution on the market. With its ergonomic design and ability to adapt to your unique project needs, the Power Bench® will make even the roughest and toughest of projects notably safer by providing needed stability. Moreover, where traditional work benches sacrifice the safety of professionals for convenience, the Power Bench® has been engineered to be deeper from front to back to handle the might or larger miter saws and materials.

Notable Specs to Improve Safety:

Work surface size: 18 inches wide x 9 feet long and can go longer with Extension Table.

Adjustable heights: 30" to 41" high.

"Work on something too high, you hurt in the shoulders. Work too low, you get it in your back. Work on the ground, your whole body hurts. Work on a Power Bench®, you can work the height that's right for your body."Inventor, Clint Birkeland  

Wing support legs adapt to varying floor slopes to avoid tipping.

Won Editors' Choice Award from Tools of the Trade magazine in 2002 "because . . . it sported adjustable legs for working on uneven ground or for customizing the working height . . . and was manufactured by a South Dakota carpenter." – JLC, Dec. 2013


Easily add tables, rollers, legs and brackets to your Power Bench® to fit your unique needs. Add extensions to allow extra work surface for power miter saws and metal chop saws while working with wood and metal. Lee Unlimited has a great variety of quality add-on accessories that allow you to take your Power Bench® to a whole new level.

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For so long, craftsman have relied on the use of multiple workbenches to fit their diverse processes. How inconvenient is that? With the Power Bench®, you’ve got a total work system solution that was designed for YOU.

Won Editors' Choice Award from Tools of the Trade magazine "because . . . it had an adjustable deck height to accommodate almost any saw. In addition . . . it offered extra extension tables and a stop rail." – JLC, Dec. 2013

"The Power Bench® can also serve as a table-saw stand, a welding table, and so on. It accepts various extensions, and a dolly attachment allows you to tote your saw and other tools along with the stand like a hand truck." – JLC, Dec. 2013

But why stop at providing a solution for the workplace? Take the Power Bench® to the campsite, lake, or even the family reunion. You’re sure to find ample opportunities to use it in unexpected places.

"A Power Bench® is like a Skid Steer in that you are always finding new uses for it and wonder why you waited so long to buy one!"Inventor, Clint Birkeland  

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