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Miter Saw Stand and as a Metal Chop Stand

The Lee Unlimited Power Bench® is the end-all, be-all miter saw stand and chop saw stand solution for craftsman who rely on stability, durability, and versatility to make cuts with the utmost precision and accuracy every single day. Built to last a lifetime, the Power Bench® is simply the best miter saw stand and metal chop stand you’ll find – no questions asked.

Whether you’re working with wood, steel, plastics, or aluminum, the Power Bench® has been crafted to withstand the varied intensity of your unique projects – going where no workbench has gone before.

For so long, we’ve relied on using traditional saw stands that only check a few of the boxes we need to do our job right without putting immense strain on our bodies. We’ve put our backs, knees, and necks through tremendous stress while bending over or kneeling to cut material. We’ve agonized over “close calls” and poor cuts that could’ve been perfect given the right stability and durability. In short, we’ve been through it for decades – which is precisely why the Power Bench® truly is a game changer.

Trusted by the experts

"This is by far the best table for miter saws that I have ever used, and I have went through plenty of other brand tables. I am looking forward to receiving my second Power Bench® for my other miter saw so me or my helper are not standing around waiting for the other one to finish cutting on my current Power Bench® because we will not set up my traditional 'home improvement store' table after owning a Power Bench®! It is the best out there and anyone willing to try the Power Bench® will agree after just the first day!!" – Brian from North Carolina

"The center table has an expanded metal mesh as its main work surface which makes mounting any saw to it a breeze, with the added benefit that it does not provide a surface for any sawdust to accumulate."

"Cutting mortises and tenons in larger timbers was especially easy for me due to the stands adjustable height as I didn't have to spend half my day either hunched over or stretching out to make the repetitive cuts required for this work."

Say goodbye to the physical pain of using a traditional miter saw or chop saw stand. The Power Bench® has got your back.

Forgo putting stress on your body while using your miter saw or metal chop saw. The Power Bench® offers six adjustable height options to fit your needs.

Stay in control of your project, no matter the environment.

On the topic of stability, durability, and safety, the Power Bench® outpaces its competitors by taking into account the real needs of laborers who regularly use miter saws and metal chop saws. We understand the intricacies and differences that exist between projects and the crucial need for a total work solution that can satisfy your specific needs on a project-by-project basis. With the Power Bench®, you’re the one in control.

Unlike the vast majority of popular work benches on the market, the Power Bench® is deeper from front to back, which allows for greater safety in handling large sliding miter saws and the material they cut.

No matter the environment you’re working in, the Power Bench® is able to withstand and accommodate for uneven ground surfaces, can withstand and absorb the force of your saw, and can even extend beyond its traditional bounds with added accessories to scale for your largest projects. You’ll have total control of your saw, materials, and body when using the Power Bench®, making for cleaner cuts, better precision, and greater efficiency over time.

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The Power Bench® doesn’t stop there. Explore other uses for the Power Bench®

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Built For Professionals by Professionals

Lee Unlimited’s Power Bench® has been handcrafted to perfection with the needs of professionals at the forefront. With decades of experience in contractor work, Power Bench® founder Clint Birkeland has dedicated his life to making the life of people like you easier – all from a small town in Western South Dakota.

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