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It's a metal chop saw stand.

It's a miter saw stand.

It's a welding table.

It's a woodworking bench.

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As a metal chop saw stand, the Power Bench® is the ONLY portable work bench STRONG enough to hold 2 7/8" oil field pipe. Look no further because the industrial design easily handles your metal chop saws.

As a sturdy miter saw stand, the Power Bench® makes all your woodworking tasks from trim work to framing just a little easier.

As an effective welding table, the Power Bench® is durably constructed making it popular amongst welders.

As a versatile woodworking bench, the Power Bench® provides abundant room for workspace, less room for clutter. Because it can fold and stow, you won't likely fill it with tools and scraps.

Power Bench

Not Just a Miter Saw Stand

Excellent ergonomics with spring loaded pins allow you to work anywhere from 30 to 41 inches in height. This allows you to perform many tasks comfortably. The Power Bench® folds up to the size of a step ladder for easy storage. By adding extra legs and extensions it becomes the strongest and longest portable bench on the market.

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Camping with Power Bench

Power Bench® owners use their bench without a saw 70% of the time for reasons other than a saw stand.

It has UNLIMITED possibilities.

"You could always use a heavier duty bench for doing lighter stuff but you can't use a lighter duty bench for doing heavier stuff."
– Inventor, Clint Birkeland

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Power Bench® is both industrial and adjustable, a MUST HAVE for any workshop or job site.

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