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Extension Table

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Lee Unlimited Power Bench® Extension Table

By adding a 56 inch long X 21 inch Lee Unlimited Power Bench® Extension Table to either end of the miter saw stand to provide support for trimming the end of an 18 foot board without losing the balance point. Extra legs are needed to use the extension table. The extension table is manufactured out of 1 inch square tubing frame with ¾ inch cross supports. It has a black powder coat finish.

For attachment, one end has 1 inch square tubing that the outer leg goes through to hook onto the Basic Power Bench® using the outer legs. It can also hook onto one or more ends of the Basic Power Bench® at a time. The other end has spring-loaded pins on each side with indexing screws to help align your pins and holes. And also holds the outer legs of the far end of the extension table so they stay attached when not in use and add strength when in use.

Extension tables can be drilled with ¼ inch holes to add rollers. In order for the extension table to become a roller table, 3 long rollers are needed per extension. The Basic Power Bench® plus 4 extra legs and 1 extension table are needed to make a 14’ Power Bench®. The Basic Power Bench® plus 6 extra legs and 2 extension tables are needed to make an 18 foot 6 inch Power Bench®. By adding extension adapters, you can go extension to extension to cut even longer things.

Note: Legs not included

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“We all have tools we have spent more for than the cost of a Power Bench®. Many of those tools are used less than an hour per year. A Power Bench® will become your most used tool that also works with all your other tools.” – Inventor, Clint Birkeland  

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