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Basic Power Bench® with 2 Extra Legs (9’ long)

The Basic Power Bench® with 2 Extra Legs is not just a saw stand but also a total work system. Like the Basic Power Bench®, this configuration sets up in less than a minute! Basic bench is 9 foot long and has two additional outer legs on either side. It has 6-height settings that are adjusted with spring-loaded pins.  It is adjustable from 30 to 41 inches high, so you can always work at the right height.

The center table is made of 1 inch square tubing and has a triangular cut-out hand hold that is set back so you never pinch your fingers and has pins to control the height underneath the number 9 mesh table top.  The mesh won’t burn and also lets metal filings and dust fall to the floor so as to not pile up on the bench.

There are adjustable collars to fine tune to match your miter saws.  Fine tune to your tallest saw.  Put spacers on your metal chop saws or any thinner tools, so all your tools are the same height so you just have to trade one from the other.

X legs are made out of 11-gauge 1 inch square tubular steel and are nearly 1/8 inch thick and are adjustable to set flat on your uneven floor.  They can handle heavy loads like 2 7/8 inch oil field pipe.

Drop legs are made with 1 inch square outer tubing, ¾ inch square tubing that drops to level up on uneven ground.  Adjusted by a metal T-handle made with a grade 5, 3/8 inch bolt.

Wings are made out of 1 inch square tubing with ¾ inch cross members that give you a ladder like look that’s open so people don't pile stuff in your way.  There are spring-loaded pins on each end that the two outer drop legs attach to. Left open they are excellent welding tables with great places to clamp what you're welding or you can add plywood over top to make them a solid bench if you wish for a mechanic’s bench or we also sell spring-loaded rollers that can be added if you wish for a roller bench.  It takes 6 short rollers for the Basic Power Bench®.

The stand weighs approximately 95 pounds.  But, you only lift half at a time. Since it rolls on wheels you can tip load it into a truck box. The wheels are 8 inch, good quality grade rubber lawn mower wheels with metal hubs and bearings and won't go flat. You can add a dock plate to turn them into a handcart.


The Basic Power Bench® with:

  • Black powder coat finish
  • 2 extra legs for added strength
  • Industrial strength portable work bench
  • Used for wood and steel
  • Handles metal chop saws
  • Main X legs are 11 gauge with 1” square tubing nearly 1/8” thick
  • Supports over 300 lbs.
  • Basic bench: 9’ long
  • Base of stand: 24” deep
  • Top of table: 18” deep
  • Saw not included

WATCH VIDEO for quick, easy setup of the Basic Power Bench® known as the best portable work bench system.

Basic Power Bench w/ 2 Extra Legs

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