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This Industrial Power Bench® Customizes to Any Working Condition

This convenient folding work bench can easily transform into a miter saw stand and metal chop saw stand. Because of its flexibility, the Power Bench® is a total work system currently used by:

  • Contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Farmers
  • Welders
  • Woodworkers
  • Mechanics
  • Steel Stud Workers
  • Aluminum and Specialty Door Installers
  • Homeowners
  • Hobbyists



Miter Saw Stand and Metal Chop Saw Stand Benefits

Operates as a powerful miter saw stand and metal chop saw stand when working with wood, steel, plastics and aluminum.

“The center table has an expanded metal mesh as its main work surface which makes mounting any saw to it a breeze, with the added benefit that it does not provide a surface for any sawdust to accumulate.”

Offers 6 adjustable heights ideal for drilling and cutting with power and hand tools.

“Cutting mortises and tenons in larger timbers was especially easy for me due to the stands adjustable height as I didn’t have to spend half my day either hunched over or stretching out to make the repetitive cuts required for this work.”




  • Takes less than one minute to set up.
  • Won Editors’ Choice Award from Tools of the Trade magazine in 2002 “because it unfolded in a minute to become a long and sturdy 18-inch-wide stand.” – JLC, Dec. 2013
  • Rolls on 8" steel-bearing wheels with rubber coating that WILL NOT go flat.
  • Folds up to the size of a stepladder for easy storage.
  • “The stand folds to about the thickness of a stepladder and tilts up for compact storage and transport.” – JLC, Dec. 2013
  • Weighs only 85 pounds but you only lift half of that weight.
  • Stows in your truck or trailer
  • “A lot of equipment is too large to get into your shop, but you can take the Power Bench® to the equipment you are working on.” – Inventor, Clint Birkeland  


  • Industrial strength construction for metal chop saws.
  • Only folding work bench durable enough to handle 2 7/8" oil field pipe.
  • According to Zach Fluto, co-owner Premium Decks in Fargo, ND, “the Power Bench is exceptionally stable and can easily support wet treated lumber and the heaviest composite decking. ‘We use them every day, never a problem, and I don’t foresee one,’ Fluto says. The large table also allows carpenters to stack cut lumber on it as they work.” – JLC, Dec. 2013
  • Accommodates most major brands and styles of saws.



Power Bench® Is the Most Versatile Folding Work Bench on the Market Today



  • Ergonomic design.
  • Work surface size: 18 inches wide x 9 feet long and can go longer with Extension Table.
  • The Complete Power Bench includes an extension wing creating a 9-foot-long bench, plus a 56-inch extension table that can attach to either side. It also includes a stop rail for making repetitive cuts. Saws normally bolt or clamp to the stand and must be removed before you can fold and roll.” – JLC, Dec. 2013
  • Adjustable heights: 30" to 41" high.

“Work on something too high, you hurt in the shoulders. Work too low, you get it in your back. Work on the ground, your whole body hurts. Work on a Power Bench®, you can work the height that’s right for your body.” – Inventor, Clint Birkeland  

  • Wing support legs adapt to varying floor slopes to avoid tipping.
  • Won Editors’ Choice Award from Tools of the Trade magazine in 2002 “because . . . it sported adjustable legs for working on uneven ground or for customizing the working height . . . and was manufactured by a South Dakota carpenter.” – JLC, Dec. 2013




  • Add tables, rollers, legs and brackets.
  • Extensions allow extra work surface for power miter saws and metal chop saws while working with wood and metal.
  • Won Editors’ Choice Award from Tools of the Trade magazine in 2002 “because . . . it had an adjustable deck height to accommodate almost any saw. In addition . . . it offered extra extension tables and a stop rail.” – JLC, Dec. 2013
  • Multi-functions as a clamping base surface with or without plywood overlay.
  • Becomes a total work system.
  • “The Power Bench can also serve as a table-saw stand, a welding table, and so on. It accepts various extensions, and a dolly attachment allows you to tote your saw and other tools along with the stand like a hand truck.” – JLC, Dec. 2013

“A Power Bench® is like a Skid Steer in that you are always finding new uses for it and wonder why you waited so long to buy one!” – Inventor, Clint Birkeland  


“We all have tools we have spent more for than the cost of a Power Bench®. Many of those tools are used less than an hour per year. A Power Bench® will become your most used tool that also works with all your other tools.”

Inventor, Clint Birkeland  

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